“Turkey’s market climbing back as China balances US influence”


Posted on “Asiatimes“, and focused on the Huawei/Turkcell partnership, this report goes beyond the usual Turkey/EU, Turkey/US… or China/Africa stories.

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“Can China lead the world on a path towards sustainable finance?”

“China’s green finance aims are falling short”, says the Financial Times “Beyondbrics” blog. But still, China has

“probably the only green finance regulation in the world aimed at improving the environmental and social impacts of a country’s multinational corporations outside their own borders.”


Mixed signals from Asia

On the Financial Times “beyondbrics” blog, a review of reform progress and political constraints in China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

“Mixed success in boosting growth.

(…) The region’s fast-growing economies: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and Vietnam.”


Headlines from Asia Times : “China PM says don’t worry about slowdown”; “Asian companies have upbeat outlook”

Simultaneous posts from “Asia Unhedged” about China and Asia as a whole, with a focus on views from Singapore.


Confirmation that China plans to lay off “millions of people” due to overcapacity in steel and coal industries, but companies across the continent “are digesting the economic slowdown in China and are being more optimistic and looking for opportunities rather than being alarmist“.



“Only one BRIC in the wall?”

Pan-Asian perspective From Global Trade Review covering India, China and the next wave of “lower-end manufacturing” countries: Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The “last BRIC standing” is India, despite “glacial progress” in infrastructure and red tape reduction, while China’s “trajectory of moderating growth” simply makes it “new normal“.


(image: NY)