LINKS (English)

All links below lead to internet resources in English. For resources in French, Please click here.


Some freely available “Massive Online Open Courses”.

  • Since international trade rests on intercultural communication, letus start with basics!

  • About environment and sustainable development, an excellent entry point provided by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research. Courses are available in both French and English:


  • “The world’s largest community for discussions on the cleantech technology and entrepreneurship”

  • “A business web site offering companies the latest news and best-practice advice on how to become more environmentally responsible, while still growing the all-important bottom line”

  • “The market place for sustainable technology”, created by the World Intellectual Property Organization, hosting a  database for green technology products.

  • The reference about frugal innovation:, with a blog and frequent tweets at @JugaadAtWork.

  • “The first African greentech marketplace”:

  • “The #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis site in the world”