“From Trash To Treasure: Sweden’s Recycling Revolution”


Published by the authors of “Blue Ocean Strategy

“Only one percent of Sweden’s rubbish is sent to landfills. Another 52 percent is converted into energy and the remaining 47 percent gets recycled. The amount of energy generated from waste alone provides heating to one million homes and electricity to 250,000.”

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“India leads world in environmental conflicts”

Posted by scroll.in : conflicts are mainly about water management – often relating to hydroelectric projects – and “Other environmental conflicts arise from expanding economy“: pollution coming from coal mine fires, impact of big infrastructure projects…


“Wastewater treatment plants significant source of microplastics in rivers”

From innovations-report.com,

“[Wastewater treatment plants] do a great job of doing what they are designed to do – which is treat waste for major pathogens and remove excess chemicals (…) But they weren’t designed to filter out these tiny particles.”


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