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SMEs in developed countries need new business.

SMEs in emerging countries need new solutions.

Let us see what they can do together!


Show any entrepreneur the graph below (borrowed from the UN’s “World Water Development Report 2014″), and explain that his/her company’s market is split in 4 segments with different growth patterns. Which one should he/she focus on?

urban rural populations doc

Chances are, everyone will choose the yellow one – “Less developed regions – urban population”. But…

  • the entrepreneur from “More developed regions” will probably be stuck on either the blue or the red line, with no time or human recources to devote to exploring distant markets;
  • the entrepreneur from “Less developed regions” will probably agree that yes, demand may be growing fast, but he / she cannot take full advantage of it because of daily issues with infrastructure, access to the right supply, etc.

Take a look at environment issues. Today, governments focus mostly on climate change (indeed a must!), and big multinationals focus on, well, big projects: solar or PV farms, urban development and the like. Meanwhile, factory, hospital or hotel operators around the world struggle every day with – and spend too much on – water supply, air quality, waste treatment…

At the same time, innovation is thriving. Only in France, “nearly 40 networks bring together more than 5000 companies dealing with environment issues” according to PEXE, the French federation of “green” clusters (http://ecoentreprises-france.fr/).


These operators and innovators need to talk! The CLEANTECH EXPORT blog aims to facilitate contacts and exchanges between entrepreneurs around the world, by sharing news and links about innovation, international trade and trends in industry and environment.

Feel free to comment and share views about your own challenges and solutions!


CLEANTECH EXPORT is an export consultancy, working mainly for European SMEs active in manufacturing and environment. Its services include:

  • market research;
  • international sales promotion (trade fairs, conferences);
  • commercial prospection;
  • contract negotiation;
  • customer monitoring and key account management.

CLEANTECH EXPORT’s founder, Pierre ROSOLATO, holds an MBA from ESSEC, one of Europe’s top management schools. Pierre has worked for large European industrial groups and developed sales in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

A jazz and martial arts fan, Pierre has lived in Singapore and Istanbul, and is now based in Paris.

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Contact: info@cleantech-export.com