“The top 50 most sustainable cities for water management”

Ranking by Consultancy.uk. The top 5 cities are too close to each other for global comfort: Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels.

Almost all the top 30 cities are in OECD countries, then come Moscow (29), Beijing (30) and Hongkong (31); Africa and India close the list.


“Le frigo sans électricité à l’essai au Maroc”

Evaptainers est la startup de la semaine de jeuneafrique.com.

Les familiers de l’innovation Jugaad penseront inévitablement au Mitticool de Mansukh Prajapati, mais l’article signale un

“gros avantage du « zeer pot » maroco-américain vis-à-vis de la plupart de ses concurrents traditionnels en terre cuite ou en argile : sa composition textile à base de polyester et d’hydrogel, qui le rend beaucoup plus facilement transportable et reproductible de façon industrielle.”


“Can China lead the world on a path towards sustainable finance?”

“China’s green finance aims are falling short”, says the Financial Times “Beyondbrics” blog. But still, China has

“probably the only green finance regulation in the world aimed at improving the environmental and social impacts of a country’s multinational corporations outside their own borders.”